What does this involve, exactly?

For some leagues, we like to create unique artwork for every single game — or at least every week. This is a large undertaking!

If you're an artist who would like to create a set of Stubs for all teams in a league (sticking with a single theme / motif), we'd love to hear from you!

To reiterate, your commitment would be a set of Stub designs for every team in a league — usually around 30 of them. However, you only need to submit one Stub to convey your theme concept. We can discuss your idea over email (or Discord DMs), and if all goes well you can get going on creating the rest of them!

Don't worry, there won't be a contract or anything — we have this process in place so that you don't waste your time making a bunch of them for no reason! You won't be relied-upon to hit a certain deadline or anything. But if we select your idea, we absolutely will implement your Stub set if you complete it.

What's in it for the artist?

By Q2 2023, we'll publish a Stub Art page on featuring all past artwork. As we begin featuring artists such as yourself, your name will be featured alongside your artwork. We're happy to present your name or username however you'd like it to appear, along with a link to your other work. (We'll also share your work on social media.)

And of course we'll send over some SOL ;)


There are two ways to share your Stub concept art with us.

1) Join our Discord server! There's a channel called "Stub Art Submissions" — this is your spot!

2) Email

Send a Stub concept for one team. Add any context about your ideas for the theme and applying the concept to remaining teams. This can be brief, of course — your art will do most of the talking!

We review all submissions and "place" them against existing entries. Some entries will immediately be invited to create the rest of their Stub series for the platform, and others are added to the — for lack of a better term — backlog.

The ClubStubs team does try to inform submitters when they've been backlogged, but there may be times when entry volume increases and response rates subsequently fall (sorry in advance). However, we will do our best to get back to you because we immensely appreciate your interest.

NOTE: submissions on Discord have a chance to be seen by the rest of the community. With that, other people may react strongly to some entries. This does sway the decision process when a concept really lands with other fans.


- No team logos or trademarks

- Use the Stubs you see on the website as a general guide for proportions

- Don't worry about a file template. ClubStubs will apply your designs onto the Stub shape for you, along with the paper texture effect and game details. We'll make sure your specs are correct once we move forward with your concept.

ClubStubs is currently accepting submissions for:

> Pro basketball (American) for current season
> Pro baseball (American) for next season
> Pro football (American) for next season