What is ClubStubs?

ClubStubs is a digital sports collectibles platform that features a unique crypto-based rewards system, with games that are tied to real-world matchups.

Stubs on ClubStubs are NFTs on the Solana blockchain, and feature distinct artwork for every team. In a game, each team has its own batch of Stubs that are first sold directly to fans, and then are bought and sold within each game's marketplace.

Nearly all SOL (cryptocurrency) that fans use to purchase Stubs goes back into the Airdrop Pool for the corresponding game — to be offered back to Stub-holders of the winning team via Claims.
ClubStubs Stub Art example — Miami
ClubStubs logos

What makes it awesome?

1 : It's fair! There are no exclusive pre-sales or ways to pay for advantages over other participants.

2 : It's approachable! There is no need for complex cryptocurrency swaps, because ClubStubs uses SOL — the primary coin of the fastest blockchain in the world. This also keeps transactions very cheap.

3 : You can finally be part of a blockchain platform that's actually using NFTs operationally, and not just selling random art with empty promises! Plus, everything we do is transparent and well-communicated to our fanbase.

Who made it?

That'd be Jake and Derek! The classic friends since college situation.

Both hail from the good ol' American Midwest, and grew up with Big Ten football and N64 palm burns.

ClubStubs started as a pie-in-the-sky concept in early 2021, and development began one year later. Jake and Derek had done some smaller projects together, and immediately knew that ClubStubs — combining their love of sports and emerging tech — was the time to go all-in.

"We just really wanted to make something that hadn't been seen before, and create a trustworthy NFT platform that doesn't require a leap of faith — one that puts its money where its mouth is in terms of focusing on the community."
   - Jake

"I think it might be weird if I also have a quote."
   - Derek
ClubStubs founders Jake and Derek