How It Works

Every matchup on ClubStubs represents a real-world game.
All aspects of a game are described below!

ClubStubs game stage explainer

Learn how to buy a Stub in 60 seconds!

(The rest of it is pretty helpful, too)


Connect a Wallet

Getting Started

ClubStubs is built on the world's fastest blockchain, Solana.

To interact with the platform, install a Solana browser wallet of your choice. We especially like Phantom.

Heart and SOL

No need to manage any stressful coin swaps — ClubStubs only uses SOL, the official token of the Solana blockchain.

This means you can go to your primary crypto exchange platform of choice (Coinbase, Binance, etc.) and buy SOL directly from them.

From there, just send enough SOL to your Solana wallet and you're ready to buy Stubs!

Connect to ClubStubs

Once your Solana browser wallet is ready, click the Connect To Wallet circle in the top right of the ClubStubs app. Select your wallet brand and follow the prompts in your connected wallet to confirm.


Buying Stubs

Find a Game

Start by selecting an active game from the list of matchups in the lower center module of the app.

Once you click into a game, the corresponding Stubs and matchup details will appear.

You can use the filters along the top of the game selection module to only view games that are in a certain stage.

ClubStubs find a game panel


When a game is in Minting status, you're buying the Stubs directly from ClubStubs.

Minting for any game begins about one week before the real-life matchup kicks off.

Click the "Buy" button under the Stub for any team you'd like to purchase, and confirm the transaction in your connected wallet to receive the Stub(s).

Minting ends when the game actually starts in real life OR once minting is sold out for both teams in that game — whichever happens first.

97% of Minting revenue goes into the airdrop pool for that game.

ClubStubs minting module screenshot


Marketplace mode for any game begins once Minting ends.

In Marketplace status, the Buy button means you're purchasing the lowest-price Stub for that team on the open market.

Here, you're buying from other users who have listed one of the team's Stubs for sale.

Because all of a team's Stubs look identical, you'll automatically get the lowest-price Stub available when you click the Buy button.

Just as with Minting, after you click Buy, confirm the transaction in your connected wallet and we'll send you the Stub on the seller's behalf.

ClubStubs marketplace screenshot

Pricing, etc.

Minting prices for each team will remain constant throughout the Minting period, but ClubStubs may adjust the prices day-to-day ONLY to normalize any market fluctuations in SOL value (relative to USDC). This way, the equivalent fiat value of any mint price stays consistent for everyone, no matter the day.

Keep in mind: a game's marketplace stays open for collectors even after the airdrop claim period is over. So — if you're going for a Claim — be sure to check that the Claim is still upcoming! (If the game is over, it's too late.)


Selling Stubs

Selling Made Easy

Selling does NOT need to be a part of your ClubStubs experience, but seller listings are what drive a team's Stub price while a game's Marketplace is active.

To sell a Stub from your connected wallet, click the Sell button under the corresponding team. (The Sell button won't be active until Minting ends for that game.)

Enter your sell price in the box in the center of the module, and confirm your listing by clicking Confirm. You receive 97% of the listing price once it sells! The game's airdrop pool gets 2%, and the remaining 1% goes to ClubStubs.

ClubStubs seller module screenshot

Simple Escrow System

Once you confirm the transaction in your connected wallet to list the Stub for sale, ClubStubs will hold onto the Stub until it is sold or until you cancel the listing. (Just click the Sell button again for the same team, and you'll see the Cancel button.)

To help maintain competitive pricing, each connected wallet may only have one active sell listing at a time, per team.

Said differently: you may have as many simultaneous Stub listings for sale as you'd like, but only one for each team in each game. To sell multiple Stubs for the same team, you just keep listing them once they sell!

We've Got You Covered

As described in the next section, you must be holding a Stub for the winning team to qualify for a share of that game's airdrop pool — but you will NOT be disqualified from an airdrop claim by having a winning Stub listed for sale upon the game's conclusion. Basically: having a Stub for sale still means it's "your" Stub until it sells.

Please note that you must acquire the Stub from the ClubStubs platform to qualify for Claims. Any Stub transferred to another wallet externally, or purchased on a third party marketplace, can not be tracked by our Claim system.


Claiming Airdrops

What is a Claim, Exactly?

Once a game ends, wallets that are holding one or more Stubs for the winning team become eligible for a share of that game's Airdrop Pool.

Every Stub that was minted for the winning team is eligible for an equal amount of the Airdrop Pool. The "per winning Stub" panel keeps you informed of a single share's value throughout the game.

"Airdrop" is just a blockchain term, often used whenever an admin team like ClubStubs sends stuff to participating wallets. And on ClubStubs, hitting the Claim button is your mechanism to get an airdrop of SOL!

How To Get a Claim

In order to earn a Claim, you just have to own a Stub for the winning team in that game. Shortly after a game ends, ClubStubs admins will activate Claims for that game... which is made obvious with a big, yellow Claim button.

Go into that Stub's game, and your Claim button will be activated if you have one! Simply confirm the transaction in your browser wallet, and the SOL is yours!

The Claim amount will represent the total of all winning Shares in the connected wallet, so you will only need to make one Claim per game, per connected wallet.

If you have winning Stubs in multiple wallets, you'll need to connect each wallet and use the Claim mechanism individually. Claims are available until we shut down games shortly after the end of that league's current season.

Remember, you must acquire the Stub from the ClubStubs platform for our system to consider you for a Claim. (Don't worry — other marketplaces would take more of your money, anyway).

Behind The Scenes

Here's a summary rundown of the ClubStubs post-game procedure and Claim activation:

1. A game ends in real life, and is changed to "Finished" status on the game screen

2. Admins activate the Claims for that game, which are then permanently tied to the wallets that are holding at least one Stub for the winning team

3. The marketplace remains open for the game so that collectors can keep collecting, while in-game messaging updates to warn players that the Claim has already passed

4. Any unclaimed SOL will become unavailable once the season ends for that game's league

You can follow our ClubStubs Live Twitter account for realtime updates to know when Claims are happening!



How can I see when a game will end?

There are two ways to tell when a game is nearing completion, which is when we establish the wallet list for airdrop Claims.

The first way is to simply check on the game's real-world status, as the Claim list will be captured shortly after the real game finishes. The second way is to check our @ClubStubs_Live Twitter account, where we provide updates for every game's status changes as they happen!

How do you set mint prices?

Team-specific prices are rather arbitrary. We realize that every match will carry its own expectations, so sometimes we price-in some of those perceptions because it's more enjoyable for everyone when games sell out.

As for the price range in general, we'll be engaging with the community about price tiers in the coming months. Join the conversation on our Discord! We always want to maintain an approachable platform, and that starts with pricing.

How do you calculate the "Per Winning Stub" amount?

The amount of SOL in a game's airdrop pool is the amount that will be offered to the winning team's Stub-holders as a Claim. The per-Stub amount (in SOL) could depend on the number of Stubs sold for the winning team.

So, the "Per Winning Stub" panel always shows the lesser of the two possible amounts. That is to say: it's the minimum Claim amount that the game's winning Stub-holders may be offered, but it could also be higher.

How much time do I have to get my Claims?

Claims for each game will be available until shortly after the season ends for that game's league. Check our @ClubStubs_Live Twitter account for updates (such as Claims ending) for each game.

To get your Claim, just click into the game once again — if your connected wallet qualified, the Claim button will await!

Why does a game's marketplace remain active after its Claim period is over?

These Stubs are digital collectibles! We want to keep access open to each game's marketplace to promote buying and selling on ClubStubs itself.

More importantly, the "full" vision of ClubStubs includes a season-long marketplace of sorts, in which gathering post-game Stubs could prove to be quite lucrative by season's end ;)

If you're curious about the future of ClubStubs, join the discussion on Discord!