Follow these guidelines when referencing the ClubStubs brand in any type of publication or communication.


The lines create dynamism and texture in motion, balanced out by the calm, sturdy capitals around them.

Dark & Light Versions

Two versions of the primary ClubStubs logo are used intermittently (whichever provides the greater contrast against its background, of course).Inspired by the bold, swift, and nuanced movements that make for a lively sports match, the ClubStubs logo is a mix of thin diagonal lines and bold uppercase letters.
ClubStubs logo
ClubStubs logo

Spacing + Sizing

The minimum clear space required around the logo is equal to the cap width of the letter B. This simple system is scalable, from small digital ads to large banners.

And of course, don't alter any of the spacing within the logo itself.
ClubStubs logo spacing guide
ClubStubs logo spacing guide
Minimum Size

Clarity is key. Avoid (notably in print) shrinking the logo below 24.5mm x 16mm to ensure the thin lines stay in tact.
ClubStubs logo spacing guide

Secondary Logos

Sometimes — especially when placing the logo over an image — the blue lines just aren't legible. When that's the case, use one of the solid alternate versions below.

As with the primary version, the dark format is a shade of blue (not black).
ClubStubs logo
ClubStubs logo

Incorrect Logo Uses

This section shows examples of modifications that may not be applied to the logo.
ClubStubs logo usage mistakes to avoid


Below are the set of brand colors used across all platforms and communications.
ClubStubs brand colors